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Maximize your site’s responsiveness

Your site’s speed shouldn’t keep users from accessing the best that your application has to offer. Whether you’re optimizing images to make them responsive or compressing content to be delivered at a faster rate, site optimization and performance is important to every developer. Easily and automatically improve your website quality and performance, all with Filestack’s low-code solutions.

Responsive images made entirely automatic

Dynamically compress images and adjust quality. Visually stunning and fast-loading mages are at the heart of every well functioning application. Maintain image quality for any JPG, PNG, or WebP file with lossless image compression. With Filestack Auto Image Conversion, maximize your users’ experience and boost app performance with top-notch, automatic images that adjust to whatever device they’re viewed on.

Improve load time and bandwidth usage. Site speed can’t come without improving page load time and bandwidth usage. With Minify from Filestack, you don’t have to be a master of complex Javascript or CSS to avoid sacrificing app performance.

Speed driven by Compression

Compression settings and support for progressive images and responsive formats reduce load times so that you can serve high quality images faster.

Video Intelligence

Boost your site’s SEO performance with specialized long-form video tagging when you apply Filestack’s video intelligence. Activate advanced machine learning on uploaded video content via Workflows. With these tags, the videos that live in your app can be properly labeled with phrases that more accurately describe the objects that appear in your video content. Thus, improving your site’s search engine performance.

All backed by the power of the Filestack CDN

For every additional millisecond your page takes to load, your risk of page abandonment and dissatisfied users increases. Comprised of points of presence (POPs) across the globe, the Filestack CDN puts your content closer to users for faster page loads and a better user experience.

Already using another CDN? No problem. Filestack easily integrates with your existing CDN provider.

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    Auto Image Conversion

    Boost app performance with intelligent Auto Image Conversion. With a simple URL parameter this task automatically changes the encoding of the image to deliver a compressed/optimized WebP or JPEG XR image to enhance the performance of your app.

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    Improve Performance

    Speed page loads for better user experience across desktop and mobile devices - regardless of platform.

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    Never Slow Down Your App

    Offloading CPU intensive image and file conversions to Filestack can dramatically increase the speed of your sites and applications.

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